Sunday, 29 November 2015


3 the natural satellite of earth.
4 Opposite Of Large.
5 by word of mouth, spoken not written.
9 Liberation.
10 A feeling to someone special.
16 Where to store raw materials or stuff.
17 the front part a person’s head.
18 Constituting Number Nine in a Sequence.
21 Opposite of buying
22 a female child.
23 No clothes on.
26 a quick sharp blow by a fist.
27 the past tense of Meet.
1 a physical structure of a person.
2 Opposite Of Out.
4 Opposite Of Give.
6 talk wildly or incoherently.
7 to put a load or large amount of something on or in
8 No money.
9 a male homosexual(Offensive Language)
11 Clothes.
12 the female ruler of an independent state.
13 a large German dirigible airship
14 a small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired.
15 Sexual Activity.
19 a novel by Stephen King
20 Opposite Of Out
21 protein derived from soybeans
22 an airlike

by: Muhammad Rafi Pradana,Kemal Muhammad Nazib, and ME (Muhammad Rafif Rajendra W)

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