Monday, 16 May 2016


           Education is a media for us to learn and be a better person. The way people learn may affect the result of it. There might be a lot of differences for the way people learn, it depends on what kind of person and also at how people reapply the education they got. Some might be can learn with a lot of things happens around and the others must have a quite place to get into that learn process. Some might be love to learn with a lot of friends around yet the others love to be alone. There are a lot of different people around us with a lot of things happens on their own mind so there will be a lot of type for the way people learn. To get the best education, we have to know which one is the best way to learn for our self.
Education will bring you to a better world.  The more experience  you have for education, and the world will more trust you, so they will appreciate you even more. That’s why we need to be serious on our education because it will guarantee your future. Education system in Indonesia make the students study all of the school subjects until they graduated from high school. It’s a good opportunity for us to search and find the match subject, one that we like the most. When we find it, we will know what we want to do in the future, what job that we want to get in the future.
As long as we life, learn everything, as much as . Education will not make you being poor, it will not make your life awful. With education you will gain respect. School as high as you can, because chance will not come twice. Do the best, make everyone proud and education will bring you happiness and bright future.

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