Monday, 12 October 2015


Today, We're gonna post about Tempe. Why? Because we've got some task to do in our biology class. Our project of this task is to find out how much impact of a ferment as a tempeh starter in the making of Tempe. By the way, I'm doing this project with my friends Nadhirah, Kemal, Ramzy and Salsabillah Aurel.

All of you must be already knew about Tempe right? A traditional food that contains a lot of nutrition. It really is a healthy food. Tempe or Tempeh is usually known as a famous healthy food in java of indonesia. It made by a fermentation of soy bean. To make a tempeh all you need are a bunch of soy bean, a tempeh starter, and a leaves or plastic to cover up the tempe.

All you have to do for making a tempe at home are:
1. First, prepare all of the things that needed.
2. Second, soak the soybeans
3. Next, clean the soybean and make sure that the skin are off of it.
4. After that, boil them until  the soybeans become a little bit softer.
5. Make sure that the soybeans are dry.
6. Sprinkle all the yeast or ferment all over the soybeans. Make sure it spread evenly.
7. Take the plastic or the banan

a leaves and then enter the soybeans. You can set the size of its thickness.
8. After that all you have to do is do a fermentation to the soybeans for 2 days at a room temperature. Make sure that u the soybeans are in the close state.
9. Finally, after the fermentation you can enjoy your own making Tempeh.

It really easy to do right? Well, even it takes a lot of time to do but its worth it for the taste. Tempeh is one of my favourite food too.

To make this project we started from today because the deadline of the task is really close. So this is what we did today,

We were peeling all the soybeans to make sure that the soybeans are clean. It took some efforts to do becaue we cleaned the soybeans by our hands and we were having a lot of soybeans. But because of this project, unfortunately we can't attend one of our additional class. We were really sorry for that:(

I think that's all for this post. Make sure that you eat  a lot of tempe okay? It really is a healthy food. Trust me! 

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