Thursday, 8 October 2015


On Saturday, September 19th,SMAN 3 BANDUNG held an art and cultural festival named GAMARVANI.There were some famous artists like Adera and hivi and also there were some SMAN 3 Bandung extraculiculars perform like tiloe's teater' MK3 ,etc.

a week before Gamarvani, I bought two tickets, on for me and one for my friend.But, 3 days before the festival,my tickets were lost and my friend was so angry because he already paid me for the ticket. Luckily my friend from x-social gave me 2 tickets for free.

The days when the Gamarvani held, i went there with kemal. the ticket exchange box was very full so we wait for 30 minutes in SMAN 3 canteen. At 3 o'clock we went to the Gamarvani.When we came in,MK3 was performing classical music. Kemal and i were invited to join febby,sinta,sistha and alma.They were sitting on a bench in front of foodtruck.We sat there until tiloe's teater started to perform their cabaret.Tiloes teater was verry funny and amazing. When tiloes teater was performing their cabaret, i met my bestfriend and my friend from bilingual 7th Taruna Bakti class.We talked for a long time that made kemal joined his jhs friend.Unfortunately, my ex girlfriend was coming and she asked me to accompany her to buy some food.Finally i accompanied her and bought some foods. After ate together, i splitted up with her and prayed magribh. After pray, my mom called me that she was outside and told me to go home.

And then i said goodbye to each other and went outside. when i was in the car, my friend's mom called me that she was looking for my friend.Evidently, my friend was in a way home, and my friend's mom said thank to me and hanging up the phone.Finally i arrived at my house at 7 o'clock and i was very tired and than i went sleep.I thought thats all of my experience in GAMARVANI
Me and my friends.
*btw i'm in the middle of the photo and wear jeans jacket

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