Wednesday, 16 December 2015


hello folks!!.. today i will tell you about my camping experience. i was camping in kiara payung camp place. i went there on December 15th,2015. i went there with 32018 by a MILITARY TRUCK!!(A GREAT TRUCK).i joined the 13th team, that comprising cahaya,farhan,fladio,baskara,satria,dhega, and raihan
we were in a same tent.we built our tent for an hour. And than we go to the field. and than we were in a welcoming ceremony.after that the ceremony were interuppted because it was raining and than we went back to our tent.after the rain stopped,we cooked some food such as rice,sardines and many more.after we ate some foods, we wnet to the scouts team was not win the game :(.when the night came,my class and i were practicing a flashmob. and we were perfoming that about at 9 o'clock. the next day my team was joining a hiking.the committe put us in the last sequence so we waited for an hour.we was unsatisfied because the hiking was not acctractive.after hiking, we went to the field and went home!!

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