Sunday, 6 December 2015


Hello everyone,tonight.. i will tell you about one of my friend.

I have a friend in my English extra class. He is actually not only my friend from the English extra class but we are in the same school class too. His name is Kemal, Kemal muhammad Nazib.i usually called him kemem. He was born atBandung, 27th of August, year 2000. He is a pretty nice guy. We meet really often everyday because we are in the same class, which is class 10-6.he is quite a bad guy, imean.. not bad like alcoholic or something but he often forget about homework and often forget to wear pin or belt.But he is a nice friend.He is around 174 centimeters tall, his weight is around 57 kilograms. He has a curly hair. He doesn’t have a favourite color, but he says it depends on the situation. His favourite sport is football but he likes other sports too.kemal and i are in the lazy groups, fyi.. in 10-6 there are lazy group and dilligent group :).  

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